Nurse Program

Working as a nurse in Germany

How to start working as nurse in Germany

Fully qualified nurses with some work experience in their home country, can be allowed to work in Germany after completing the German language up to the B2 level, doing an adaption courseand passing a "nurse exam."

As an ageing society, Germany does not only have a high demand for nurses, but also for people
looking after the elderly in special homes.

Visa application process for foreign Nurses


If a nurse is interested in working in Germany he/she must first have all documents checked to see if he/she is eligible. To do this we need scanned copies of following documents:

  • Proof of identity (identity card or passport)
  • CV in tabular form
  • Proof of completed nursing studies (degree certificate, diploma)
  • Proof of all courses with subjects and hours (theoretical and practical training)
  • Proof of duration and content of clinical internships
  • Certificates regarding relevant professional experience

If the nurse is eligible we will send her a non-binding offer letter stating all the cost involved. We will ask him/her to send us all documents as certified copies by courier to Germany. Upon receiving the documents in Germany, we will send the documents to an official translation agency. This company will translate all the nurse’s documents into German.


The responsible state office will evaluate the documents of the nurse and will compare his/her university degree and work experience with the German curriculum. Then they will decide the eligibility and necessary time for the internship the nurse needs to do in a German hospital and to attend a German nursing school. They will issue a document of acknowledgement of his/her degree and work experience. We will send all the required documents for the visa application via courier:

  • document of acknowledgement of degree and work experience
  • a booking confirmation from ISL language school
  • a confirmation of an internship placement

In Germany

  1. The nurse will first have to visit a German intensive course up to the B2 level (30 weeks, 30 hours lessons per week) and pass the TELC B2 exam
  2. Then he/she will do an paid internship combined with the visit of a nursing school. This might take up to 18 months depending on the education and work experience of the nurse in the home country. While attending nursing school, the nurse can live in the nurses’ home.
  3. Afterwards, the nurse will have to sit and pass an exam.
  4. Upon passing the exam, the nursing school will issue a certificate, which allows the nurse to work as a recognized nurse.
  5. The nurse will be able to work as an acknowledged nurse all over Germany. Usually, job offers are published at the nursing school or at the hospital as there is a high demand for nurses in Germany.