Doctor Program

Working as an international doctor in Germany

How to start working as a Doctor in Germany

Qualified Doctors with some work experience in their home country, can be allowed to work in Germany, when they fullfill certain requirements.

There are lots of opportunities for qualified doctors to find work in Germany, especially in rural areas and smaller towns.

3 requirements to appl to work as a doctor in Germany

  • You finished your full medical studies.
  • You have already some work experience as a doctor
  • You are registered with the Medical Council in your home country

Advantages of being a doctor in Germany

  • Job Security (there is a big shortage of doctors here)
  • Quick promotion
  • Regconition
  • High Salary

How to apply for the ISL Foreign Doctors Program

From your home country

  • You will receive a checklist of documents that will be required to apply for the medical work permit in Germany.
  • We will advise you if you are qualified to work as Doctor here (you will probably need to do further studies and exams here)
  • Register with ISL
  • Get your documents translated into German by a certified translator.
  • We get you a German State government confirmation of your acceptance - this shows what you need to do once you are in Germany
  • If you wish to proceed then you must pay the German course and acommodation (we will send youi detailed costs on request)
  • Do your visa interview (your chances are very high that you will be accepted)


 In Germany

  • German language course in super-intensive format (30 hours per week) up to C1 level
  • TestDaF or Telc C1 exam at ISL
  • internship in hospital or medical practice (unpaid) for 1 month in the beginning. Can be extended if the hospital or medical practice is satisfied up to 6 months or more.
  • Registration for the medical language exam - it will take around 4 – 5 months to get an appointment for the exam and you need to present your German B2 or C1 certificate along with all your documents.
  • Preparation for medical language exam:

➢ You will sit an exam testing your German skills in the German Medical Council Mainz. If you pass the exam you will get a scholarship for a free preparation course for the medical language exam. The course will take place either in Andernach (close to Koblenz) or Mainz. Course fees will be covered and transportation costs too. The course will be twice per week for 2 hours per day and will take around 4 months.

➢ If you don’t pass the exam testing your German skills, you will have to prepare for the medical language exam yourself.

TELC has an Online preparation course for this - which we recommed to all docotors. (

  • Medical language exam with the German Medical Council Mainz. Fees: 300 EUR (to be paid to Medical Councill)

➢ The medical language exam consists of a doctor – patient conversation and a doctor – doctor conversation. The exam can be repeated as often as you want.

  • Support to find a job offer from a hospital, preferably the one where you did your internship.
  • Application for professional license in Germany which is valid for one year first and can be extended afterwards for another year. To apply for the professional license you need the following documents:

➢ Job offer from the hospital
➢ Medical language exam
➢ German C1 exam
➢ Internship confirmation