Working in the medical field in Germany

as in other countries around the world, working in medicine as a doctor or nurse is highly regarded. In an aging society doctors and other medical professionals are in high demand in Germany, which means that there are plenty of job opportunites. However, the entry requirement for foreign doctors and nurses in Germany is strictly regulated and there are various conditions for international doctors and nurses to meet before they can work here.

ISL Sprachschule helps nurses and doctors

We help doctors and nurses to fulfil these conditions and start their working life in Germany. We support with the visa application process, learning German, finding internships and advising you which medical exams you must take.

Once qualified you will have plenty of job opportunities here.

Financial support from the German Government

Germany has a program to pay for a lot of your training here. This includes most of the language course, exams, Medical language course, Translation of your certificates, etc. We apply for each student for this program and will get an answer within 2 weeks for you.

Doctor Program

Foreign doctors wishing to work in Germany must fulfill a long list of requirements. We provide you with all the information you need to get through this process.

Nurses Program

Nursing is a diversified profession with plenty of opportunities in Germany. Foreign Nurses must fulfill certain requirements and do some trainingbefore starting work here.